Pro Audio

Live Performance

We offer sound and lighting services for every occasion. These occasions include, but are by no means limited to:

     Wedding Receptions

     School concerts/productions

     Corporate Functions

     High-school/Hostel Dances

     Private Parties    

     Church Services

     Band Gigs

Any occasion where you think you might need ANY form of sound re-enforcement, we can help you. Some of the equipment include, but once again are not limited to:





     Guitar Amplifier

     Electronic Drum Set


Anything you need to make your function memorable, we can organise.

We will come setup, operate and teardown, and you don't have to worry about a thing.



If you do not need us to operate the equipment, we also rent out the equipment mentioned above. Then we will come set it up for you, you use it, and we come tear it down again when you're done. This option is usually taken for private parties and schools with knowledgeable personnel. 



Sales and installations

Apart from renting and providing sound services for your live shows, we also sell and install products from international leaders in the industry. Some brands include, but are not limited to, JBL, Soundcraft, Wharfedale, Allen & Heath, Alto, Proel, and many more. We have done many installations with these brands, and will post some pictures in the near future.

Venues that we cater for includes:


     Civic Halls




     Home Studios

     Schools Halls

The list is endless.

These installations are catered to your individual needs and no job is too big or small. Whether you are looking for some background music in the library or restaurant, or some serious sound to become the new club everyone is talking about, we can help you.

When it comes to offering your audience the perfect sound, there are so many factors, other than how loud your system can go, that plays a role. We know that, and we want to offer these expertise to you.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for a meeting to discuss your unique needs.


Intercom System

We sell and install intercom system to:


     Old Age Homes


Anywhere you think you may need an intercom system, we can provide you with a solution.



If you have your own audio production/installation company, you know that there are days where you just don't have enough hands, or people with experience. These days may sometime last for a month, especially around the end of the year.

I offer all my services on a freelance basis as well. That means you don't have to worry about getting the job done. You just focus on getting your client, and I will worry about the rest.

I also offer my services on a consultation basis to music shop owners. If you have the client, but do not have the knowledge or people to sell and install the equipment they are looking for, feel free to contact me for some help.


Don't wait to get that perfect sound that you KNOW you need. Contact us today so we can get together and discuss it.

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