Live Performance

I've been to so many shows where the lights was "just there". The lighting technician sets the lights to "sound to light" and they just keep flashing to the beat.

I believe that the lighting of a show is what makes your show special. The lighting is what makes it memorable. The lights should tell the story along with the music.

As an artist or band you put a lot of work into getting the perfect sound. Allow me to give your show the perfect look.


I do lighting for all kinds of other events, including, but not limited to, weddings, school concerts, dances and church events. Data projectors can also be organized on request.

Red LightsCakeDanceColoured Lights


I rent lighting equipment to clients who has a basic knowledge about the equipment. I also rent to birthday parties or functions where I come to your venue and setup. You use the equipment for the arranged time and I come and pack up again afterwards.

Equipment that can be rented include wash/splash lights, spot lights, FX lighting, strobes, smoke machines, etc.


Fixed Installations

I sell and install lighting equipment to churches, schools, civic halls, dance clubs...anyone who has lighting needs. The list is endless.



If you have a sound and lighting company, but are short on staff, I offer my services on a freelance basis as well so you don't have to send customers away.



Contact me today for a quote to make your show a memorable one.


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