Guitar Repairs


I have been working on guitars for the last 11 years, and worked on everything from the average entry-level guitars to the icons in the guitar world, like US Fenders and Gibsons. I do not even let anyone else work on my own guitars .

Services include, - but are not limited to:


Setting Up



Electronic Repairs

Body repair and spray work


Here are a few pictures of clients' guitar I have worked on:

USA StratGibson

These are just two beautiful guitar that I enjoyed working on. The one is a USA Fender Stratocaster and the other a Gibson SG. I can't remember but I think it is from the 60's.


Broken HeadstockFixed Headstock

This guitar's headstock broke right of. It was fixed twice before it came to me, but both fixes only lasted a short while. The end result is on the right. The guitar is still in one piece and playing, a year after the repair.

Chipped PaintFixed Chip

This is a common problem with these "Rock-inspired-shaped" guitars with the sharp points. You are in the zone with you new axe and shredding away, when you suddenly nick the edge against a cupboard and a piece of your heart falls to the floor with that 5c-sized chip of paint. Don't worry. As you can see there is hope, and this repair came out quite well.


Here is a picture of me, preparing a guitar for a new spray job.

These are some pictures of the guitar afterwards, not completely done yet, but you can get the idea.



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